WASHINGTON, DC – Today Politico reported that Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is considering introducing legislation to override the FCC if it votes to approve Chairman Pai’s proposal for a public auction of the C-Band spectrum in December.

In response, 5G Action Now released the following statement from its national spokesperson, Ian Prior:

“It is extremely disappointing that Senator Kennedy is looking to slam the brakes on the progress we saw last week with Chairman Pai’s announcement of a public auction of the C-Band spectrum. Make no mistake, the United States is in a race to 5G development and deployment against China and the longer we wait, the further we fall behind. We have already seen one ally – the United Kingdom – put our national security at risk by letting Huawei build part of its 5G infrastructure.

“Fortunately, Chairman Pai’s plan will allow us to catch and eventually beat China. Doing so would benefit not only our national and economic security, but also would allow Louisiana to supercharge its economy and provide its residents with cutting edge technology to make their lives easier. 

“We implore Senator Kennedy to work with the Trump Administration and the FCC toward our collective goals of national and economic security in the 21st Century by supporting their efforts to get to full 5G development and deployment before Beijing does.”

About 5G Action Now

5G Action Now was founded to establish the United States as the worldwide leader in 5G. Our goal is to elevate the conversation regarding American national security and the economic benefits of winning the 5G innovation and deployment battle against China. 5G will spur economic growth in rural America, create an environment for technological expansion, and put the U.S. on strong national security footing for generations to come.

5G Action Now supports the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) goal of a 2020 C-band auction. Additionally, we support Members of Congress of both parties working together with the federal government to win the 5G race against China.

About Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers is the former Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and now serves as the Chairman of 5G Action Now.

In Congress, Chairman Rogers worked with two presidents, Congressional leadership, foreign leaders, diplomats, and intelligence professionals, and oversaw the Intelligence Community’s $70 billion budget that funded the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies. Before being elected to represent Michigan in the House of Representatives, he was an FBI special agent and member of the U.S. Army.

Today, he hosts the CNN Original Series Declassified, regularly appears on various TV and radio shows, and frequently contributes to major print outlets. He is also a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center where he is leading a program on 5G, national security, and intelligence policy.